Macross Movie Perfect Edition


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Condition : 100% Brand New, still shrink-wrapped
Dialogue : Japanese
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Number of DVD : 1
Region Coding : NTSC ALL (Playable on any DVD player)
Running time : 120 mins

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At last, mankind is encountered with extraterrestrials! Two forces are fighting with each other in the vast space. One is the Zentraedi consisting of solely male soldiers. The other, the Meltrandy, is a female force. In 2001A.D., Earth becomes involved in this battle. While Macross, the space fortress, is fighting back against a sudden attack, it mistakenly goes out of the Solar System to its circumferential area without any means to return. In the middle of fear and despair, the curtain is raised for a story of cruel battles. For the survival of mankind, Macross launches its last attack with Lynn Minmay's singing as an only weapon .

Price :  15