Love Hina Again OVA


About DVD

Condition : 100% Brand New, still shrink-wrapped
Dialogue : Japanese
Subtitles : Chinese / English
Number of DVD : 1
Region Coding : NTSC ALL (Playable on any DVD player)
Episodes : 3 (Completed)
Running Time : 93 mins

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This starts of right after the 1st ova when Keitaro returns back to the Hinata Inn. He meets his sister Kanako whom he barely remembers since it's been so long since they last saw each other.we soon find out that Kanako isn't Keitaro's sister by blood and that she is very , very much in love with him! This complicates things with Naru who can't bring herself to tell Keitaro how she really feels about him in the first place.


Price : 12