Fushigi Yugi New OVA Eikou Den


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This show is a new chapter in "Fushigi Yugi" with a brand new story. The 4-volume OVA is based on the novel series "Fushigi Yugi Gaiden - Eikouden (Parts 1 & 2)," and this is volume 1 of 4. Miaka and Taka Sukunami (who is Tamahome reincarnated) get married. But a new danger awaits the world of the Shishin Tenchisho... In addition to popular characters such as Suzaku Shichiseishi, new characters are introduced in this series.

It's been three years since the end of those events. The book was returned to the research section of the library to be forgotten. Taka and Miaka have grown up nicely and are still very much in love. We witness their wedding that has just taken place and then quickly learn that it was something of a shotgun wedding as Miaka's already three months pregnant. Taka's still as money-tight as usual, but it appears his main source of income is being a coach for the school, primarily the girls basketball team.

And it's in this area that the trouble begins. Back when the book was returned to the library, it ended up being selected for deep archiving. But the book has a mind of its own and managed to conveniently fall off, only to let young eigth grader Mayo Sakaki grab it. She takes it home with her, but forgets it on the train ride. The book continues its journey for three years until it finally finds her again. And it finds her the day of Taka and Miaka's wedding, where Mayo had been walking home after catching the bouquet.

That's right, our little Mayo has a thing for Taka, Miaka be damned. She takes the book home and opens it up, letting the entire story flow visually into her mind in only a few instants. She knows all that's gone before. But she doesn't like the ending and is set on making a new one, one where Miaka's selfishness in wanting to be happy doesn't rule the day. Miaka finds herself adversely affected by all of this, as the moment the book was re-opened, she went unconscious and all traces of her baby has disappeared, as if she was never pregnant. Her brother comes across Mayo the following day and realizes what's going on when he sees the now worn down book and tries to stop Mayo.

But not soon enough as she opens the book and goes to Konan as the new priestess of Suzaku. Taka learns of this and takes things into his own hands and returns to Konan as well, only to find the country falling into ruin. Ten years have passed here and something evil is at work. Taka swears to the young emperor that he will gather the remaining Suzaku Seven and set things right, much to the chagrin of Mayo whose been welcomed there with her lies about her and Taka being married. Taka wants little to do with Mayo as the bigger concerns are on his mind.


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